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Can you name the country from the clue to its IOC Code?

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ClueCountryIOC Code
Personification of the United States of America; Uncle ___
According to René Magritte 'Ceci n'___ pas une pipe.'
___ Campbell, English soccer player whose first name is the Latin word for the Sun
Acronym for a technique using strong magnetic fields to view the body internally
Prefix from the Greek word for 'earth'
Most common internet top-level domain name
Anagram of the Albanian IOC code
Common prefix in Dutch surnames, including that of a US president, meaning 'of' or 'from'
21st letter of the Greek alphabet; golden ratio
Soft substance usually chewed but not swallowed
Popular first person shooter video game (acronym), or a widely eaten type of fish
Word meaning compete or challenge; also seen in a French phrase translated as 'That's life'
Acronym referring to a paranormal ability to perceive the world via a 'sixth sense'
Body part extending from the shoulder to the wrist
Large cask for holding (usually alcoholic) liquids
Small low island, also spelled 'key'
ClueCountryIOC Code
Big ___, area of coastal California taking its name from the Spanish word for 'south'
Angry or enraged
Abbreviation a bodybuilder might use to describe a large, flat muscle on the back
Anagram of the American IOC code
Metal beverage container
First name of Academy Award-winning Taiwanese-born American film director
The highest mountain in the British Isles; ___ Nevis
Shortened form of an alternative name for the feminist movement, Women's ___
Colloquial word for mother; or the mouth, throat or stomach of an animal
Latin preposition meaning 'for each'
Member of a nomadic tribe of Eastern Europe and Central Asia from 1st to 7th century AD
French plural definite article
Informal abbreviation of the word 'business' from writing the first syllable phonetically
Conjunction meaning 'in addition to'
Honorific title as used by French Benedictine monk Pierre Pérignon
Anagram of the IOC code of the largest country (by area) in this quiz

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