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Who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand?
one cause of WW1 is?
Who was the British allied with?
What is militarism?
Who was Kaiser Wilhelm II
What is trench warfare?
how many fronts did Germany and Austria-Hungry have to fight
Who was the 'powder keg' in Europe?
Who was blamed for the loss of WW1?
Who vowed to crush Serbs?
Who was the ruler of Germany at the time of WW1?
Who Unified Germany?
Who are the 'central powers'?
What did imperialism do to start the war?
Who wanted to match British Navy?
Who was in a the 'triple alliance'?
Who did Austria take over in 1908?
Who was Gavrilo Princip work for?
New wepons for WW1
Who was in the Triple Entente?
What Year did Eroupe go to way?
Who did Bismarck see as a 'threat to peace'?

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