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Some say that knowledge is something that you never have. Some say that knowledge is something
Telling me about the sea, All his love, ‘till eternity. Ooh, he’s here again
Eye of Braille, Hem of anorak, Stem of wallflower, Hair of doormat, I found a book on
She’s got me with that feline guise, got me in those Desert eyes, Oh I’m in love with
Rosabel believe, not even Eternity can hold
Suddenly my feet are feet of mud, it all goes slo-mo. I don’t know why I’m crying, am I
You know there’s something wrong but you don’t want to believe in a premonition. We raise our hats to the
Let me be weak, let me sleep
But I can’t let you go, if I let you go, you slip into
Oh, the minute I put them on, I knew I had done something wrong. All her gifts for the dance had gone. It’s
Don’t you know it’s not just the Eskimo, let me hear your
You slipped some on the side, into my glass of wine, and I don't want any
Ooh, I remember that rich windy weather, when you would carry me, pockets floating in the breeze, oh
But I’m still afraid to be there, among your
There’s a hole in the sky with a big eyeball, calling me… Come up and be a
He said I was a flower of the mountain, yes, but now I’ve powers o’er a woman’s body - yes. Stepping out of the page into
Can’t let you know what’s been happening. There’s a ghost in our home, just
I kept it in a cage, watched it weeping, but I made it stay (But now I’ve started learning how), I
My home, my joy, I’m barred and bolted and I won’t letcha in
Am I the cat that takes the bird to her the hunted, not the hunter

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