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Battlestar Galactica Re-Imagined: Trivia, Quotes, and Characters from Season One

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In the miniseries, to whom is he speaking when Commander Adama responds, “I think we’re a little bit busy today, wouldn’t you say so, Lieutenant?”
At the Armistice Station, a Six asks the colonial officer, 'Are you alive?' Then she kisses him. In a later episode, a different Six asks the same question to someone else. Who?
What strange device, located beneath the DRADIS console on Galactica, is Gaius Baltar the first to discover (with the help of Head Six)?
A type-written note was left in Commander Adama’s quarters, informing him that “there are only 12 cylon models.” Who left the note?
On nuked Caprica, Helo and imposter Sharon find refuge in a restaurant. One morning, some Centurions march by. They're hidden, but what is Helo afraid will betray their presence?
Who saves Commander Adama’s life when a Five/Doral detonates a suicide bomb on board Galactica?
Who helps Boomer when she panics upon discovering that six G-4 detonators are missing from a small arms locker?
Who tells President Roslin, 'I'm not gonna be your policeman,' and then explains the reason to her?
After Commander Adama asks Starbuck to train new viper pilots, what does she tell her new recruits to call her?
Later on in Season One, another person asks the question, 'Are you alive?' Who's asking?
Starbuck is trying to use the Cylon raider to escape from the moon and get back to the fleet. She notes that every flying machine has four basic controls. Name any one of them.
While he's in the brig, after being accused of treason, who do we (and Gaius) find out has a gut feeling about Gaius Baltar and does not trust him?
Lt. Gaeta establishes that the incriminating photo of Baltar is a fake by re-running the security checks. Being extremely relieved, how does Baltar express his gratitude?
Alone with Commander Adama in his quarters, what does Shelly Godfrey do that arouses Adama's suspicion?
Who said to Starbuck, 'You were born to a woman who believed that suffering was good for the soul, so you suffered.'
What item does Dr. Baltar tell Commander Adama that he needs for his Cylon detector?
Does Dr. Baltar's Cylon detector work?
The fleet is badly in need of tylium. However, President Roslin is seeing snakes. How many snakes does she see?
An estimated two-year supply of tylium has been found on an asteroid but the Cylons have already set up a refinery there. Who's going to come up with a strategy?
Baltar explains that, to get the tylium, the staging tanks must be bombed. When asked where they are, he points to a specific place on the map. Does he know where the tanks are?
What does Apollo promise to bring back to his father upon completing the tylium mine mission?
Just when Galactica thinks it's been beaten, it's revealed that Starbuck has positioned some reserve vipers in a cargo ship. How many vipers are there?
Who flies right inside the tylium mine, Luke-Skywalker style, finds the area described by Baltar, and blows the tanks to smithereens?
Who does Laura Roslin finally choose as her running mate, believing he can help her win the election because of his popularity and charm?
In separate cases, two of the main characters implicitly encourage the suicide of another. Name the character who does this in Season One.
Of whom does Commander Adama say, '...she's dangerous, and if she can turn Starbuck against us, she's capable of anything.'
Laura sends Starbuck back to Caprica, in the Cylon raider, to retrieve a crucial item. What is this item?
Who saves Baltar's life, after the crash-landing on Kobol?
Who else saves Baltar from the flaming raptor?
For whose benefit did Lee Adama commit an act of mutiny?
Does Helo decide not to kill imposter Sharon before or after he finds out that she is pregnant with his child?
Boomer is shocked to discover the Number Eight copies aboard the Cylon basestar. What are they wearing?
'Life has a melody...' 'A rhythm of notes that become your existence once played in harmony with God's plan. It's time to do your part and realize your destiny.' Who says this?
On Kobol, Head Six brings Baltar to an ancient and elegant building. She tells him to come and see the face of the shape of things to come. What illuminated object is inside?
Who is holding Adama's hand, after he has been shot twice by Boomer?

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