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Can you name the Blondie Songs from the Seventies, from brief descriptions of the songs?

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About a plane gone missing.Plastic Letters
Espionage.Plastic Letters
About an obsessive fan?Plastic Letters
This song is about eating and masturbating to a certain rhythm.Eat to the Beat
A metaphor for falling too deeply in love.Blondie
A song about stalking, inspired by an ex of Deborah Harry.Parallel Lines
This song is about Brooke Shields.Parallel Lines
Deborah Harry has said that this song is about what gossip columns do to people’s lives.Blondie
There is a version of this song, sung in French, which was released in France and the Netherlands.Parallel Lines
Inspired by a movie in which Deborah Harry starred.Eat to the Beat
Contains letters written to two women, by the title character.Eat to the Beat
This is a song about getting busted for a certain crime.Blondie

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