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Battlestar Galactica Re-Imagined: Trivia, Quotes, and Characters from Season Two

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Forced Order
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Galactica orders an emergency jump, which the rest of the fleet fails to make. Gaeta devises a rescue plan requiring something that Commander Adama would never allow. What is it?
On Kobol, in the opera house, who does Head Six reveal to be the parents of the infant in the cradle?
Which Cylons do Apollo, the Viper pilots, and other crew of the Galactica have to battle after the rescue of the fleet?
During the fight against the Centurions, who is wounded on the right side of her head?
On Kobol, Gaius dreams that someone drowns his baby. In the dream, who drowns the baby?
On Caprica, we learn something about Kara’s father—what was his occupation?
'Nothing awaits them. No eternal life, no damnation. only oblivion.' Who says this?
Who kills Crashdown?
On Caprica, Helo and Starbuck are confronted by survivors of the attack, who are resistance fighters. There is a stand-off. Who is the leader of the resistance?
Sam had been a star pyramid player. What was the name of his team?
After Colonel Tigh has declared martial law, a few people assist President Laura Roslin in escaping, and fleeing Galactica. Name any one of them.
Chief Galen Tyrol is put in a holding cell with Boomer. Dr. Baltar pays a visit, informing them that he’s there to test whether the Chief is a Cylon. Is Baltar telling the truth?
Who kills Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii?
When Kara is in a hospital on Caprica, the doctor notes that, at some point in the past, her fingers had all been broken in the same place. We learn that Kara was a victim of…
The hospital that Kara is in is actually a facility for experiments that the Cylons are conducting on Cylon/Human breeding. What have these facilities become known as?
While on Caprica, Starbuck becomes romantically involved with Sam. She promises him that she will return to rescue them. What does she give Sam as a token of her loyalty?
A third of the fleet jumps away to Kobol with Laura, after she “plays the religion card.” Who warns that some will die, as any return to Kobol carries with it a cost in blood?
When Starbuck returns with the Arrow of Apollo, how does Lee greet her?
When Lee sees Helo's Sharon, there is a standoff--Lee holds a gun to Sharon and Helo holds a gun to Lee. Who gets them to lower their weapons?
Who convinces Commander Adama to reunite the divided fleet?
After a spat with Head Six, Baltar heeds her suggestion to get a brain scan from Doc Cottle. What is the scan meant to find (or not find)?
On Kobol, who saves the lives of both Apollo and his father, Commander Adama?
During Laura's quest to find the Tomb of Athena on Kobol, who dies?
Inside the Tomb of Athena are found iconic statues of the twelve tribes. Adama suggests that one is missing something. To which statue is he referring?
Starbuck realizes that the map is from the vantage point of Earth. Lee sees something in the constellations that could guide the way. What is it?
In a holding cell, Head Six tells Gaius that their baby will be born there. Later, he realizes that someone else is going to bear their child—who is it?
Gaius asks Head Six what she is. What does she say she is?
Who saves the Galactica from the Cylon logic bomb, a computer virus that is threatening the ship?
After saving Galactica from the virus, how does Commander Adama refer to him/her?
Who builds a stealth fighter from scratch?

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