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AaWesternmost city in Germany, one-time site of the coronation of the Kings of Germany
AbCapital of the United Arab Emirates
AcCapital of Ghana
AdCapital of Ethiopia
AeBody of water separating Greece and Turkey
AfLand-locked country in central Asia surrounded by Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China
AgFormer capital city in India and home to the Taj Mahal
AhYosemite National Park resort hotel and U.S. national historic landmark
AiRiver in Northern France, connected to the Seine and Meuse Rivers by canals
AjCity in Ontario that shares its name with a Greek hero of the Iliad
AkOhio city, from the Greek word for summit, known as the Rubber Capital of the World
AlBordered by Libya and Morocco, it's the largest country on the Mediterranean Sea, and the second largest in Africa
AmSouth American river, the largest in the world by volume, second longest behind the Nile
AnThe coldest, driest and windiest of the 7 continents
AoName shared by a massive basaltic shield volcano on Vanuatu and a castle found in Sendai, Japan dating from the 17th century
ApMountain range in the eastern United States and Canada
AqCoastal Jordan town from which T. E. Lawrence drove the Ottomans
ArLargest Spanish-speaking country by land area in the world
AsOne of the oldest cities in South America and capital of Paraguay
AtCapital of Georgia (U.S.) and host city for the 1996 Olympic Summer Games
AuLandlocked country with one of the highest average elevations in Europe
AvRiver in England, alongside of which one would find Shakespeare's birthplace
AxCollective name for Germany, Italy, Japan and their allies and puppets during World War II
AyGiant sandstone formation, one of Australia's most well-known natural wonders, also known as Uluru
AzAncient nation on the Caspian Sea in the Caucasus region of Eurasia with a capital city at Baku

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