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Oklahoma native who graduates Walden College, becomes an ad man in NYC and then starts a computer company in Seattle
Star quarterback at Walden College, back-up quarterback for the LA Rams, member of the LAPD, served in Vietnam, Desert Storm, lost a leg in Iraq
Frustrated radical turned NPR host
Hippie, founder of Walden Commune, former professional tanner, former lieutenant governor of American Samoa, now semi-professional nanny, and one of McFriendly's finest servers
Frustrated housewife who runs away from home to join Walden Commune then go to law school, later congressional aide and Justice Department lawyer
Former Washington Post reporter, now blogger
Mike's ex-wife, performance artist
Former Rolling Stone writer, governor of American Samoa, ambassador to China, manager of the Washington Redskins, lacky to Donald Trump and Ollie North, mayor of Al Amok, Iraq
Former caretaker for the above's Colorado home, currently married to Mike's ex-wife
The last orphan out of Vietnam, left MIT because it was too easy, married Mike
Daughter of the Doonesburys, current MIT student
Cheerleader turned 'actress,' New Age channeler, married to BD
Rock star turned country star turned singer of the Great American Songbook
Joanie and Rick's son, current CIA operative
Journalist that has migrated from print to television to the Internet back to television to Twitter, learning nary a thing
Former Chinese translator, Duke's former right-hand woman
Chaplain at Walden, turned Walden Commune into a church
A walking, talking cigarette created by Mike, now representative of Big Tobacco
The late Republican congresswoman from California
Mike's college lab partner who hires Mike to come to Seattle
Duke's son, now a lobbyist for dictators
Counselor at a veterans center who works with handicapped soldiers
A conservative Republican who co-hosted an NPR show 'All Things Being Equal' with his now ex-husband Mark
Former Viet Cong soldier turned UN delegate turned Nike executive
San Francisco lawyer who died of AIDs in the 1990s

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