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QUIZ: Can you name the sports-related compound words using the given clues?

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What an umpire might say to start a game 
A baseball contest 
The point at which a sporting event begins 
A game stoppage requested by a coach or player 
Angels in the _________ 
Worth 3 points in football 
A dead ball taken usually by a goalie; opposite of a corner 
To participate in a specific mixed martial art 
An account of a game by the numbers/statistics 
First name of 'The King' (basketball) 
First+last name of 'The King' 
The inventor of basketball 
Given annually to the best NCAA men's and women's basketball player 
The ESPYs, for example 
Chad Ochocinco might be considered a _____ -____ 
In football, soccer, and hockey, this is an illegal position 
Where a coach can usually be found 
Somewhere between a pop fly and a ground ball 

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