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'A buck,' to use a slang term
A note with George Washington on the front
The richest man in the world from 1995 to 2007
A famous restaurant found only in Kansas City and its surrounding areas
Where wood or coals are burned in order to cook meat, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, or ribs
A rapper whose singles and featured singles include Calle Ocho, On the Floor, and Give Me Everything
A state of the economy in which the price of stocks is rising, encouraging buying
The specific value of a commodity
A governmental regulation on maximum costs of goods, esp. during times of war
A person with an obsessive desire to take charge of themselves and everything around them
A spectacle at a fair with grotesquely developed people and/or animals
If you act or sing as a profession, you are part of this
Jay Z once rapped 'I'm not a [word 1 word 2]; I'm a [word 1], [word 2]' in reference to his extreme wealth and influence
Human resources
An American lottery game
What an umpire might say after the second bad pitch of an at-bat
Your opinion is your '____ ______'

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