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Can you name the words to complete this 4th-of-July-themed word ladder?

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The date of Independence Day is ★★[Month][Day]★★th
'_____ noted' means something is given its proper respect
Blunt, as in the edge of an unsharpened blade
Optimists see the ever-famous 'glass' as half-_____
To roll up neatly, as a Boy Scout might do with an American flag
To play a sport found primarily in Scotland and Canada
To eliminate a disease, condition, or injury with medical treatment
The tough central part of a fruit, containing it seeds
Ripped apart
A unit used to measure pressure
A visitor to a place might take a _____ of it
The date of Independence Day is ★★[Month][Day]★★th
'Fair is _____, and _____ is fair.'
One of these would probably enjoy April 1st more than July 4th
A unit of linear measure equal to 30.48 cm
A word that might precede Knox, Collins, or Wayne
Called out as a warning to people in the path of a poorly hit golf ball
The most common symbols of Independence Day are ✴✴[Pt. 1] [Pt. 2]✴✴s
Extremely significant or urgent
The star player of the Dallas Mavericks
Lacking light
To move or run suddenly and rapidly
A segment of something
Yellowstone, for example
The meat of a pig
The most common symbols of Independence Day are ✴✴[Pt. 1] [Pt. 2]✴✴s

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