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Can you name the common heteronyms?

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3rd person singular present tense of 'do'More than one female deer
A giftTo formally give
A lightweight, motorized bicycleWandered aimlessly in depression
To restart after an interruption or breakAn account of experience and qualification, usually associated with job application
Within the vicinityTo shut
BreezeTo twist or coil
Extremely smallOne-sixtieth of an hour
A written agreementTo decrease in size
To cast a spell uponA means of access, e.g. a door
Moving to a particular placeHitting a golf shot that stays on the ground
The numerical location of a point on a planeTo organize (an event) or to match (clothes)
Element with an atomic number of 82To direct
Went head-first, as into waterA bird similar to a pigeon
One who uses a needle and threadA drainage system
To comfortA unit that uses a set of controls for mechanical equipment

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