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Can you name the words of the chains by using the given hints?

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Chain 1
Type GO to begin Chain 1 
A pre-paid mobile device from AT&T 
A directory of contact information 
A group of people who read together; Oprah has one 
Carbonated Water 
In some regions, the name of a carbonated beverage 
An unexpected 'mentally stimulating diversion' in school 
Regis Philbin's job on 'Millionaire' 
The comprehensive system of action 
A back-up strategy 
Slang term for one of the four major sports 
Where hollow, colorful plastic spheres might be found at Chuck E. Cheese 
Where race cars go during a race for refueling 
Chain 2
Type START to begin Chain 2 
To begin again 
Describes a specific type of egg 
A worry-free state of (esp. financial) comfort 
One who speaks disrespectfully 
Might follow toothpaste 
A towel used to clean one's face or body 
A child's toy that looks like a miniature person, e.g. Ann and Andy 
A miniature toy home for [previous answer] 
A visitor to one's residence 
If you're not on it, you won't get into the party 
Value of an item as determined by the manufacturer 
What Jessie J wants to forget about 
The last remaining part of something 

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