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Precipitation in Hawaii
A result of stubbing your toe
What you might catch leaking [rung 1] in
A dark covering
In fall, it might be filled with [rung 1]; in summer, used more often
Handy Manny's specialty; also anyone over 5 who knows this
Double, double, _____ and trouble
You would do this to [rung 1] to make it drinkable
What people do on the PBA tour
A chicken, for example
If you get 6 of these in the NBA, you're out
April 1st is dedicated to these people
12 inches
An igloo, for example
A place from where boats leave
To cause precipitation on your cheeks?
Muhammad Ali's 'game'
What you'd wear on your feet in [last rung]
A chimney sweepers enemy
Jump _____
A TV episode or a performance
Precipitation in Alaska

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