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Princeton Chapter Dies
Theta Chapter at Edinbourgh Scotland
Krannent Leadership school created
Theta rechartered
Leadership school becomes the excellence college
Chi phi society ceases to exist
Chi phi society reestablished by Dr. John MAcLean Jr.
Theta Founded as eta
Chakett becomes the Chi Phi quaterly
Union of Northern and Southern Orders
Theat Chartered as Eta
Second Chi Phi chapter at Franklin and Marshall
Theta refounded
Chi Phi Fraternity at University at North Carolina
Chi is built
Secret Order of Chi Phi at Hobort College
Thomas A. Gehring award to top chi phi chapters
Union of Northern Order
Chronicles of Chi Phi republished
The chronicles of Chi Phi by Dr. Theodore B Appel
Refounded by whom?
Manifest Destiny of Chi Phi acheived by the founding of Lamba Chapter
Chi Phi Chakett first published by Zeta Chapter
Stroud Hall donated by Br. Stroud
Chi phi society at TCNJ
Chi Phi memorial by Dr. Theodore B Appel
Chi Phi Educational trust created
Theta Chapter kicked off chapter
Chi Phi quaterly becomes the Chakett

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