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Can you name the Can you name the 2012 Olympic Champions in single competitions?

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Archery, MenSouth Korea
Archery, WomenSouth Korea
Athletics, 100 m MenJamaica
Athletics, 200 m MenJamaica
Athletics, 400 m MenGrenada
Athletics, 800 m MenKenya
Athletics, 1500 m MenAlgeria
Athletics, 5000 m MenGreat Britain
Athletics, 10000 m MenGreat Britain
Athletics, 110 m hurdles MenUSA
Athletics, 400 m hurdles Men Dominican Republic
Athletics, 3000 m steeplechase MenKenya
Athletics, Marathon MenUganda
Athletics, 20 km walk MenChina
Athletics, 50 km walk MenRussia
Athletics, High jump MenRussia
Athletics, Pole vault MenFrance
Athletics, Long jump MenGreat Britain
Athletics, Triple jump MenUSA
Athletics, Shot put MenPoland
Athletics, Discus throw MenGermany
Athletics, Hammer throw MenHungary
Athletics, Javelin throw MenTrinidad and Tobago
Athletics, DecathlonUSA
Athletics, 100 m WomenJamaica
Athletics, 200 m WomenUSA
Athletics, 400 m WomenUSA
Athletics, 800 m WomenUSA
Athletics, 1500 m WomenTurkey
Athletics, 5000 m WomenEthiopia
Athletics, 10000 m WomenEthiopia
Athletics, 100 m hurdles WomenAustralia
Athletics, 400 m hurdles WomenRussia
Athletics, 3000 m steeplechase WomenRussia
Athletics, Marathon WomenEhiopia
Athletics, 20 km walk WomenRussia
Athletics, High jump WomenRussia
Athletics, Pole vault WomenUSA
Athletics, Long jump WomenUSA
Athletics, Triple jump WomenKazakhstan
Athletics, Shot put WomenBelarus
Athletics, Discus throw WomenCroatia
Athletics, Hammer throw WomenRussia
Athletics, Javelin throw WomenCzech Republic
Athletics, HeptathlonGreat Britain
Badminton MenChina
Badminton WomenChina
Boxing, Light flyweight MenChina
Boxing, Flyweight MenCuba
Boxing, Bantamweight MenGreat Britain
Boxing, Lightweight MenUkraine
Boxing, Light welterweight MenCuba
Boxing, Welterweight MenKazakhstan
Boxing, Middleweight MenJapan
Boxing, Light heavyweight MenRussia
Boxing, Heavyweight MenUkraine
Boxing, Super Heavyweight MenGreat Britain
Boxing, Flyweight WomenGreat Britain
Boxing, Lightweight WomenIreland
Boxing, Middleweight WomenUSA
Canoeing Slalom Men's C1France
Canoeing Slalom Men's K1Italy
Canoeing Slalom Women's K1France
Canoeing Sprint Men's C1 200 mUkraine
Canoeing Sprint Men's C1 1000 mGermany
Canoeing Sprint Men's K1 200 mGreat Britain
Canoeing Sprint Men's K1 1000 mNorway
Canoeing Sprint Women's K1 200 mNew Zealand
Canoeing Sprint Women's K1 500 mHungary
Cycling, Men's Road RaceKazakhstan
Cycling, Women's Road RaceNetherlands
Cycling, Men's Time TrialGreat Britain
Cycling, Men's Time TrialUSA
Cycling Track, Men's Individual SprintGreat Britain
Cycling Track, Women's Individual SprintAustralia
Cycling Track, Men's KeirinGreat Britain
Cycling Track, Women's KeirinGreat Britain
Cycling Track, Men's OmniumDenmark
Cycling Track, Women's OmniumGreat Britain
Cycling, Men's Cross CountryCzech Republic
Cycling, Women's Cross CountryFrance
Cycling, BMX MenLatvia
Cycling, BMX WomenColombia
Diving, 3 m Springboard MenRussia
Diving, 3 m Springboard WomenUSA
Diving, 10 m Platform MenChina
Diving, 10 m Platform WomenChina
Equestrian, DressageGreat Britain
Equestrian, EventingGermany
Equestrian, JumpingSwitzerland
Fencing, Épée MenVenezuela
Fencing, Foil MenChina
Fencing, SabreMenHungary
Fencing, Épée WomenUkraine
Fencing, Foil WomenItaly
Fencing, Sabre WomenSouth Korea
Gymnastics (Artistic), all-around MenJapan
Gymnastics (Artistic), Floor China
Gymnastics (Artistic), Pommel Horse Hungary
Gymnastics (Artistic), Rings Brazil
Gymnastics (Artistic), Vault South Korea
Gymnastics (Artistic), Parllel Bars China
Gymnastics (Artistic), Horizontal Bar Netherlands
Gymnastics (Artistic), all-around WomenUSA
Gymnastics (Artistic), Vault WomesRomania
Gymnastics (Artistic), Uneven BarsRussia
Gymnastics (Artistic), Balance BeamChina
Gymnastics (Artistic), Fllor ExerciseUSA
Gymnastics (Rhythmic)Russia
Gymnastics (Trampolin) MenChina
Gymnastics (Trampolin) WomenCanada
Judo, Extra-lightweight MenRussia
Judo, Half-lightweight MenGeorgia
Judo, Lightweight MenRussia
Judo, Half-middleweight MenSouth Korea
Judo, Middleweight MenSouth Korea
Judo, Half-heavyweight MenRussia
Judo, Heavyweight MenFrance
Judo, Extra-lightweight WomenBrazil
Judo, Half-lightweight WomenNorth Korea
Judo, Lightweight WomenJapan
Judo, Half-middleweight WomenSlovenia
Judo, Middleweight WomenFrance
Judo, Half-heavyweight WomenUSA
Judo, Heavyweight WomenCuba
Modern Pentathlon MenCzech Republic
Modern Pentathlon WomenLithuania
Rowing MenAustralia
Rowing WomenCzech Republic
Sailing, Sailboard MenNetherlands
Sailing, Laser Class MenAustralia
Sailing, Finn Class MenGreat Britain
Sailing, Sailboard WomenSpain
Sailing, Laser Class WomenChina
Shooting, 10 m Air Pistol MenSouth Korea
Shooting, 10 m Air Rifle MenRomania
Shooting, 25 m Rapid Fire Pistol MenCuba
Shooting, 50 m Pistol MenSouth Korea
Shooting, 50 m Rifle Prone MenBelarus
Shooting, 50 m Rifle Three Positions MenItaly
Shooting, Skeet MenUSA
Shooting, Trap MenCroatia
Shooting, Double Trap MenGreat Britain
Shooting, 10 m Air Pistol WomenChina
Shooting, 10 m Air Rifle WomenChina
Shooting, 25 m Pistol WomenSouth Korea
Shooting, 50 m Rifle Three Positions WomenUSA
Shooting, Skeet WomenUSA
Shooting, Trap WomenItaly
Swimming, 50 m freestyle MenFrance
Swimming, 100 m freestyle MenUSA
Swimming, 200 m freestyle MenFrance
Swimming, 400 m freestyle MenChina
Swimming, 1500 m freestyle MenChina
Swimming, 100 m backstroke MenUSA
Swimming, 200 m backstroke MenUSA
Swimming, 100 m breaststroke MenSouth Africa
Swimming, 200m breaststroke MenHungary
Swimming, 100 m butterfly MenUSA
Swimming, 200 m butterfly MenSouth Africa
Swimming, 200 m individual medley MenUSA
Swimming, 400 m individual medley MenUSA
Swimming, 10 km Marathon MenTunisia
Swimming, 50 m freestyle WomenNetherlands
Swimming, 100 m freestyle WomenNetherlands
Swimming, 200 m freestyle WomenUSA
Swimming, 400 m freestyle WomenFrance
Swimming, 1500 m freestyle WomenUSA
Swimming, 100 m backstroke WomenUSA
Swimming, 200 m backstroke WomenUSA
Swimming, 100 m breaststroke WomenLithuania
Swimming, 200m breaststroke WomenUSA
Swimming, 100 m butterfly WomenUSA
Swimming, 200 m butterfly WomenChina
Swimming, 200 m individual medley WomenChina
Swimming, 400 m individual medley WomenChina
Swimming, 10 km Marathon Swimming, 200 m individual medley WomenHungary
Table Tennis MenChina
Table Tennis WomenChina
Taekwondo Flyweight MenSpain
Taekwondo Lightweights MenTurkey
Taekwondo Middleweight MenArgentina
Taekwondo Heavyweight MenItaly
Taekwondo Flyweight WomenChina
Taekwondo Lightweights WomenGreat Britain
Taekwondo Middleweight WomenSouth Korea
Taekwondo Heavyweight WomenSerbia
Tennis MenGreat Britain
Tennis WomenUSA
Triathlon MenGreat Britain
Triathlon WomenSwitzerland
Weightlifting 56 kg MenNorth Korea
Weightlifting 62 kg MenNorth Korea
Weightlifting 69 kg MenChina
Weightlifting 77 kg MenChina
Weightlifting 85 kg MenPoland
Weightlifting 94 kg MenKazakhstan
Weightlifting 105 kg MenUkraine
Weightlifting 105+ kg MenIran
Weightlifting 48 kg WomenChina
Weightlifting 53 kg WomenKazakhstan
Weightlifting 58 kg WomenChina
Weightlifting 63 kg WomenKazakhstan
Weightlifting 69 kg WomenNorth Korea
Weightlifting 75 kg WomenKazakhstan
Weightlifting 75+kg WomenChina
Wrestling Greco Roman 55 kg MenIran
Wrestling Greco Roman 60 kg MenIran
Wrestling Greco Roman 66 kg MenSouth Korea
Wrestling Greco Roman 74 kg MenRussia
Wrestling Greco Roman 84 kg MenRussia
Wrestling Greco Roman 96 kg MenIran
Wrestling Greco Roman 120 kg MenCuba
Wrestling Freestyle 55 kg MenRussia
Wrestling Freestyle 60 kg MenAzerbaijan
Wrestling Freestyle 66 kg MenSouth Korea
Wrestling Freestyle 74 kg MenUSA
Wrestling Freestyle 84 kg MenAzerbaijan
Wrestling Freestyle 96 kg MenIran
Wrestling Freestyle 120 kg MenUzbekistan
Wrestling Freestyle 48 kg WomenJapan
Wrestling Freestyle 55 kg WomenJapan
Wrestling Freestyle 63 kg WomenJapan
Wrestling Freestyle 72 kg WomenRussia

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