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Can you name the words that contain the letters ASS?

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Words starting with ‘ass’
person who commits murder 
to give support or aid 
to fit together the parts of 
South African Afro-rock band active in the early 1970s in London 
to attack violently with blows or words 
collection of various kinds of things 
useful and desirable thing or quality 
to adapt to the customs of a population 
to agree to something; concur 
to inform positively 
to state or declare positively 
to estimate the importance, size or value of something 
to appoint as a duty or task 
partner, colleague 
to lessen the intensity of; ease 
to take as granted or true 
to examine or analyze 
Words with ‘ass’ in them
therapeutic muscle rubbing 
______ Sea (North Atlantic region) 
mortarboard adornment 
supporting frame of a car 
impertinent; insolent 
pre-CD music medium 
woodwind instrument with a U-shaped tube connected to the mouthpiece 
wholesale slaughter 
breast supporter 
______-aggressive: unassertive display of resentment 
deep crevice or fissure 
cowboy’s rope; lariat 
thick brown sugary syrup 
full-length priestly garment 
no longer fashionable; outdated 
liqueur made from black currants 
log-in necessity 
Words ending with ‘ass’
MTV stunt and prank show 
to illegally enter on another’s property 
device for raising a ship's anchor 
decaying remains of an animal 
to bring together in one body or place 
to annoy persistently 
to go beyond; exceed 
short curving sword formerly used by sailors or Oldsmobile model car 
to make uncomfortably self-conscious 
crossing of a highway beneath another 
‘unplugged’ country music 
obnoxiously conceited person 
organic matter, especially plant matter, that can be converted to fuel 
area of muddy or boggy ground 
road enabling motorists to avoid a city 
to seek orders or votes; solicit 
device that indicates direction 

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