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Can you name the verbs that start with each letter of the alphabet based on the things or people that do them?

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things or people that do itverb1st letter
William Tell, photographers, marksmena
dancers, hearts, eggsb
steep roads, ivy, temperaturesc
the music in American Pie, engines, all living thingsd
Joey Chestnut, fungi, hungry peoplee
ice cream, fluffy clouds, bobbersf
investments, gardens, treesg
the moon, one’s light under a bushel, concealer, h
smiles, hosts, couples planning their weddingi
Van Halen, beans, frogsj
strong drinks, mules, soccer playersk
cow, hyenas, the jokerl
rain gauges, protractors, rulersm
things or people that do itverb1st letter
GPS’s, harbor pilots, guidesn
police investigations, businesses, doorso
condoms, policemen, helmetsp
parents whose kids get home late, interrogators, teachersq
the machines, stocks, the sunr
solid rocket boosters, couples having problems, partitionss
The Wilburys, basketball players, salesment
SNL newscast, Java, remodelersu
in-laws, the V’s, touristsv
pens, test takers, authorsw
Dunder Mifflin employees, secretaries, copyright infringersx
lions, gaping holes, insomniacsy
Mazda-Mazda, telescopes, camerasz

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