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Can you name the 5th word that can be created using the same letters as each of the 1st 4 words?

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1st 4 words5th word
ate tae eat eta
diet tied dite tide
ales sale lase leas
lister liters tilers litres
mate tame team meta
timer mitre remit miter
1st 4 words5th word
loops sloop pools polos
coats ascot costa tacos
takes stake skate teaks
hares shear rheas share
bluest sublet bluets bustle
deigns signed dinges singed
1st 4 words5th word
drawer warder redraw warred
parsley replays parleys sparely
dearths hardest hatreds threads
claimed decimal camelid declaim
restrain retrains strainer terrains
recused seducer reduces secured

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