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Can you name the 4th word that can be created using the same letters as each of the 1st 3 words?

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1st 3 words4th word
asp pas spa
live veil vile
reis sire ires
liter litre tiler
dale lead lade
pats spat taps
pale peal plea
nets nest tens
pars rasp spar
emit item mite
1st 3 words4th word
naps pans snap
gnus snug sung
dicer cried riced
nope peon pone
limes smile slime
verse sever veers
nears saner snare
amen mane mean
retest setter tester
player parley pearly
1st 3 words4th word
signer resign singer
daters trades treads
gallery regally largely
mantel mantle mental
altered treadle alerted
ranged gander garden
darters retards starred
aspired despair diapers
parroted prorated teardrop
counters trounces construe

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