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Can you name the fish based on its non-fish definition?

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Non-fish definitionFish
undersurface of a person's foot
hairstyle with short hair on the top and long at the back
to struggle or stagger helplessly
lowest adult male singing voice
to glide or slide smoothly along, i.e. at the rink
bongo, tom-tom or snare
system of paying for goods when delivered (acronym)
of extremely poor quality (slang and misspelled)
any of a set of straight lines passing through one point
Non-fish definitionFish
sharp projection near the end of an arrow
Spanish word for “pretty” or “good looking”
guttural sound characteristic of a hog
device for lifting a car to change a tire
person or thing that is comparatively small or insignificant
horizontal surface serving as a roost for birds
diving position with body bent at the waist and legs straight
black eye (slang)
to find fault or complain querulously or unreasonably
having a heady or pungent sweet aroma

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