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Can you name the letters that are the 1st letter and a double letter in each word?

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ClueWord The missing letters
An addicting flower._o_ _y
Expect to hear this from brook._a_ _ling
A common sneeze instigator._e_ _er
Use “go_____” to get your own domain._a_ _y
You shouldn't make this sound while eating one._aspbe_ _y
A cat fresh out of the dryer?_lu_ _y
You shouldn't take my clues this way._itera_ _y
A noisy group can really you honk you off._a_ _le
You lose reception when this goes down._ransmi_ _er
What a celeb’s head does at a ball game giveaway._o_ _le
Synonymous with teenage girls._i_ _ly
Some agreements are this._o_ _egotiable
Not the way you want to be injected._etha_ _y
Thumbs-up to this cheap mode of travel._itc_ _iking
You don’t know jack when you don’t know this._i_ _ly
Needed after eating wings or ribs._owele_ _e
You don’t want to be around when this thing returns._u_ _y
A place that can be habit forming._u_ _ery
This guy could turn Fido into mush._ogsle_ _er
A style or a student._re_ _y
The way you feel after too many “navy” drinks._ro_ _y
Elin to Ernie Els pre-Tiger._a_ _y
You don’t want to get fenced in by this._p_ _
Has-beens will try to do this to their career._esu_ _ect
Where you have to keep it at 140 or below._wi_ _er
You’d be a fool if you were this._i_ _y
Don’t do this to a 4-leaf clover._verl_ _k
Seth Rogen was in this Express._inea_ _le
Breaking this is a pain in the butt._o_ _yx
The biggest concert venues._utd_ _r
ClueWord The missing letters
One who underhandedly discredits another._acksta_ _er
It's hard to get this kid off your back._a_ _oose
Head or gum._u_ _le
You can vote when you are this._ight_ _n
Sometimes gets the finger._u_ _et
Don’t do this to your credit limit._xc_ _d
You hope it’s positive from previous employers._efe_ _al
Women feel pressure to have this procedure done._a_ _ogram
You love these if you hate raking._vergr_ _ns
Found on the water on calm days._tillne_ _
The worst kind of nightmare._ecu_ _ing
“I hold my colleagues in the highest _____.”_st_ _m
How neighborhood businesses are owned & operated._oca_ _y
I’d rather drink this than be this._u_ _ly
Elizabeth Taylor did this 8 times._ema_ _y
Expect a lot of lip from someone like this._a_ _y
My favorite course._ntr_ _
It’s always sunny for optimists._utl_ _k
They keep things moving along._mc_ _s
How democrats espouse their beliefs._ibera_ _y
Matters can come to this if people lose their cool._isticu_ _s
What you might feel in your back after a hard workout._tiffne_ _
What narcs do._a_ _le
What a person does who can’t shut up._la_ _er
A Purdue grad who drives a train?_ngin_ _r
The toughest stain to remove._a_ _oo
These folks can empathize with the oppressed._owntro_ _en
Hit this when you need to pass._hro_ _le
Credit card companies entice you by doing this. _rea_ _rove
You can order it or short or tall._appu_ _ino

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