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Can you name the companies that allegedly made these marketing or advertising blunders?

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Marketing/Advertising BlunderCompany
This company’s 'Finger lickin’ good' slogan was translated in Chinese as ‘Eat your fingers off .’
This Scandinavian vacuum manufacturer used the slogan ‘Nothing sucks like an ______’ in the United States.
In Spain, this beer company’s ‘Turn it loose’ slogan was translated as ‘You will suffer from diarrhea.’
In China, this company spelled its name 'Ke-Kou-Ke-La,' which means 'bite the wax tadpole.' It later changed to 'Ko-Kou-Ko-Le' which means 'happiness in the mouth.'
This airline promoted its leather seats in Mexico by translating ‘Fly in Leather’ with ‘Vuelo en Cuero.’ ‘En cuero’ is a slang term for ‘in the nude.’
This company marketed its ‘Mist Stick’ curling iron in Germany. ‘Mist’ is slang for manure.
This company had low sales in Africa where most customers can’t read English. Its packaging features a picture of a baby boy on the label. (i.e. pic = contents)
Marketing/Advertising BlunderCompany
This company marketed cars in Brazil called ‘Pinto,’ which is a slang term for small male genitalia.
In Mexico, this company’s ‘It takes a strong man to make a tender chicken’ slogan was translated as ‘It takes an aroused man to make a chicken affectionate.’
This manufacturer of Vapor Rub did poorly in Germany. Its ‘V’ is pronounced as an ‘F’ in German, meaning its name sounds like the ‘f ’ word in German.
In Italy, this company’s Tonic Water was translated as Toilet Water.
This company’s slogan ‘Come alive with the ______ generation’ was translated in Taiwan as ‘______ brings your ancestors back from the dead.’
In Mexico, this company’s leak-proof pens slogan ‘It won’t stain your pocket and embarrass you’ was translated as 'It won’t stain your pocket and get you pregnant.’
This company marketed cars in Latin America called ‘Nova.’ ‘No va’ translates in Spanish as ‘it doesn’t go.’

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