North, South, East or West?

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Can you name the predominant direction you would travel (as the crow flies) to go from the 1st city listed to the 2nd?

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Direction of TravelN, S, E or W?
San Salvador ➔ Tegucigalpa
London ➔ Brussels
Munich ➔ Paris
Sydney ➔ Brisbane
Oslo ➔ Stockholm
Hong Kong ➔ Hanoi
Buenos Aires ➔ Santiago, Chile
Berlin ➔ Prague
Sofia ➔ Sarajevo
Kuala Lumpur ➔ Jakarta
Direction of TravelN, S, E or W?
Madrid ➔ Seville
Rio de Janeiro ➔ São Paulo
Beijing ➔ Tokyo
Baghdad ➔ Tehran
Jerusalem ➔ Beirut
Toronto ➔ Montreal
Bucharest ➔ Istanbul
Belgrade ➔ Budapest
Kiev ➔ Moscow
Belfast ➔ Dublin

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