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Word of the Day & DefinitionMissing Word
Ring _______: anger you feel when your iPhone rings from someone actually 'calling' you
Eater's _______: deep feeling of regret after eating a large amount of food, eating something unhealthy, or just eating in general
_______-in-law: someone you have yet to meet, but is friends with your friend
Buffet _______: lack of self-restraint one experiences after having started eating at a buffet
Passport To _______: brightly colored or pastel polo shirt with upturned collar and a pooka shell necklace
Food _______: when one becomes aroused at the sight of food
_______ Sip: to drink water directly from the faucet
Buddy _______: randomnly collecting 'friends' on Facebook or other social sites in which you have no idea who they are
Regret _______: point at which one stops feeling remorseful regarding a thought, comment or action
_______ Paralysis: temporary state whereby one's motor skills are severely impeded by the need to spontaneously interact with an extraordinarily attractive women
Diarrhea of the _______: uncontrollable rambling via internet - email, blog, instant message, etc.
Word of the Day & DefinitionMissing Word
_______ Zone: what you attain after you fail to impress a woman you're attracted to
_______ Balding: act of going out in public with a bald head that is normally covered by some sort of cap, hat or other head covering
Mind Over _______: power to be able to suppress any urination needs regardless of the urgency and pain it may cause
_______ the Warranty: to perform an activity in an extreme fashion
_______ Echo: awesome sound produced by letting one off whilst sitting on the toilet
_______ Fail: complete and total failure when success should have been reasonably easy to attain
_______ the Desktop: looking at or browsing your desktop files and documents when your internet is down
_______ Sunglasses: sunglasses worn inside
Package _______: when you constantly press the refresh button on an online package tracking website to know up to the minute info on your package's delivery
Spending _______: trying to recall where and when you spent all your money, normally when that said money is needed
Irish _______: leaving a place without closing niceties

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