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Can you name the words that start with “Kn”?

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special ready capacity that is hard to analyze or teach
wooden peg
crest or summit of a small hill
burl on a tree or in wood
unprincipled, crafty fellow
to work and press into a mass with the hands
twisting of a rope or cable, as it is running out
sound made by a bell rung slowly, i.e. for a funeral
joint of the leg between the femur and tibia
loose-fitting short trousers gathered in at the knees
instrument for cutting
mounted soldier serving under a feudal superior
fried or baked turnover or roll of dough with a filling
to join closely and firmly, as members or parts
a usually rounded handle of a door or drawer
to make a pounding noise
small, rounded hill or eminence
unit of speed used by nautical vessels and aircraft
joint of a finger
small ridge or bead, as on a button for decoration

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