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Can you name the words that contain at least 3 i’s and no other vowels?

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cluewordthe missing consonants
describes a person who believes existence is useless_i_i_i_ _i_
largest North American river_i_ _i_ _i_ _i
converting into a form that a computer can process_i_i_i_i_ _
atoll, or skimpy bathing suit_i_i_i
what unruly children need_i_ _i_ _i_i_ _
Inflammation of the gums_i_ _i_i_i_
shrinking a computer display or window_i_i_i_i_ _
not permitted; unlawfuli_ _i_i_
University of Illinois team nameI_ _i_i
cluewordthe missing consonants
devotion to one’s duty as a citizen_i_i_i_ _
lacking in qualities that interest; dulli_ _i_i_
woman’s garment with hemline several inches above the knee_i_i_ _i_ _
to hold in check; restraini_ _i_i_
to make less or cause to appear less_i_i_i_ _
to deprive of morale or enthusiasm_i_ _i_i_
curtailing or reducing in quantity or extent_i_i_i_ _
the constructive variety is helpful_ _i_i_i_ _
capital of Georgia_ _i_i_i

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