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Can you name the sports terminology for each sport based on an alternate definition or clue?

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This 111 ft. tall lady stands in New York Harbor. 
German air raids in Britain in 1940. 
You don’t want to hear this on an old wooden bridge. 
Many salesmen do this. 
This comic strip features a time-traveling caveman. 
Could describe your mood if you get one. 
Lucy had these in the sky. 
Wear this for protection. 
A real bargain. 
The best part of a cake. 
He said, “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” 
What the needle does when you give blood. 
In baseball this can be hot. 
Ropes, pulley blocks, hooks, etc. 
What’s left after deductions. 
You’d find this in a little nest. 
You’d find this in a big nest. 
A favorite thing to build outside in the winter. 
A standard by which things are measured. 
A successful fighter pilot. 
It is a many splendored thing. 
car racing
A parent who gives their kids everything they want. 
When electricity is involved you don’t want this to be short. 
How I like my beer. 
Unconsciousness caused by an interruption in blood flow to the brain. 
Kids like to build with these. 
Where your food ends up if you are a slob. 
You need a little mousse to do this to your hair. 
Do this to your clocks after a power outage. 
Play with these and you’ll get burned. 
A small brooch or badge. 
You take this if you accept the responsibility for something. 
His monument is a column in Trafalgar Square. 
Can be “rouge.” 
A small quantity of a substance. 
It’s aweigh with these, my boys. 
You might find this person in the field after mowing. 
The main longitudinal beam of an airplane wing. 
With this I thee wed. 
A flowering shrub with long thin green stems. 
Dwayne Johnson 
Kids like to do this with crayons. 
You’d wear this kind of sack on your back. 
The steepness of a roof. 
Some believe it is the world’s oldest profession. 
One of the wire hoops on a croquet course. 
It shouldn’t take you a hundred years to score one of these. 
A man's hard felt hat with a round dome-shaped crown. 

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