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Can you name the word that completes each common redundancy?

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Partial redundancyRedundancy
(A) ________ and abet
(A) ________ gunman
(B) ________ moment
(C) ________ fist
(C) ________ eradicate
(D) ________ from sight
(E) ________ and every
(E) ________ hole
(E) ________ the same
(F) ________ ultimatum
(F) ________ and foremost
(F) ________ through the air
(F) ________ imports
(F) ________ gift
(F) ________ tundra
(G) ________ danger
(H) ________ tube
(J) ________ together
(K) ________ experts
(L) ________ baby
Partial redundancyRedundancy
(L) ________ studio audience
(N) ________ instinct
(N) ________ beginning
(O) ________ adage
(O) ________ exaggerate
(P) ________ of twins
(P) ________ and choose
(P) ________ off until later
(R) ________ why
(S) ________ haven
(S) ________ dune
(T) ________ cab
(T) ________ tantrum
(T) ________ speck
(T) ________ destruction
(U) ________ mystery
(V) ________ back and forth
(V) ________ to the eye
(W) ________ mural
(Y) ________ child

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