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Can you name the Brady kid?

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ClueBrady Kid
Only one with brown eyes (others had blue or green)
Played by Christopher Knight
Got hit in the nose by a football
Fantasy to play football with Joe Namath came true
2nd Oldest
3rd Youngest
2nd Youngest
Was the 'safety monitor' at school
Ended up with a bedroom in the attic
Played by Eve Plumb
ClueBrady Kid
Played by Mike Lookinland
3rd Oldest
Said, 'Marcia, Marcia, Marcia'
Played by Susan Olsen
Had a crush on Desi Arnaz & Davy Jones
Played by Maureen McCormick
Had freckles and wore glasses
Had a pronounced lisp
Had a habit of tattling
Played by Barry Williams

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