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Can you name the 5-letter words that differ by 1 letter?

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this is a good place to begin
it is impolite to do this
almost as good a strike
an often one-celled fungi
you’re not at sea where you’re on this
I hope this quiz is not an unpleasant one
you did this when you selected
do this to the door when it’s cold out
Dolly the sheep was the 1st one
you’re this when no one’s around
you can make amends by doing this
“Papa was a rollin' ______.”
the sun did this through my window
“E.T. ______ home.”
likely to do something
this type of juice should get things moving
“Oh, don’t be such a ________.”
a lion would be proud to join this group
A1, best quality
it builds up when you don’t clean
complain or grumble about something
my favorite flavour of jelly
archaic spelling for those thin French pancakes
long-legged, long-necked bird
“______ that Soulja Boy”
mischievous act
you don’t want to walk this
'The best-laid _______ of mice and men / Go oft a'wry
a group of close-knit and interrelated families
a group of students
lacking sensitivity or refinement
the stock market had one in 1929
I heard you had this on your 3rd grade teacher
can be the best part of the pie
perhaps the most important thing to have in a relationship
a framework, often supporting a roof or bridge
lock of a woman's hair or nickname for the former Ohio State football coach
this can be full court in basketball
makes ready
you can get these mega when you’ve done something good
what the ball does at midnight in Times Square
what a sloppy painter does
on acid, these can be good or bad
the offset jaws of these are used to catch bears
rolling dice or spicy food can give you this
put these on over your pants to protect your legs
these were hanging in Florida during the 2000 election
herring-like fish
where the sun ain’t
finely stratified sedimentary rock
could be blue or sperm
at the same time as
a type of pepper, or the country that looks like one
a backbone, especially that of an animal as it appears in a cut of meat
ease up on the fries or you’ll get 2 of these
they wear guards to protect these at the World Cup
when you get yours on you’re doin’ great
archaic form of yours
you really had to do this to get this far

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