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Can you name the words that contain the letters R I V E R?

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ClueRIVER wordThe Missing Letters
person who provides assistance_ _ r _ _ iver
dog that loves to fetchr _ _ _ i _ ver
one who ceases to feel resentment_ _ r _ iver
Rosie the ______-female U.S. World War II factory workerriv _ _ er
one who passes time idly_ riv _ _ er
part of a car that connects the transmission & axle_ rive _ r _ _ _
Wide ______-football positionr _ _ _ iver
served with a mixture of fresh vegetables, often pasta_ ri _ _ ver _
ClueRIVER wordThe Missing Letters
one who feels sorrow_ ri _ ver
middle innings pitcherr _ _ i _ ver
one who succeeds beyond the expected level_ _ _ r _ _ _ i _ ver
coastal region resort areariv _ er _
one who talks stupidly & carelessly_ riv _ _ er
an armed ship licensed to attack enemy shipping_ riv _ _ e _ r
to notice or realize something againr _ _ i _ _ _ ver
radio device for both transmission & reception_ r _ _ _ _ _ iver

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