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Can you name the words that start with ‘gn’ and the words that end with ‘gn’?

Updated Jun 10, 2013

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Words that start with ‘gn’
to snarl; growl (4) 
knotty protuberance on a tree; knot (5) 
“Crazy” band ______ Barkley (6) 
distasteful; distressing (slang) (6) 
to bite with grinding teeth (5) 
any of various small usually biting dipteran flies (4) 
any of the mouth appendages of an insect (8) 
to nibble persistently (4) 
a foliated metamorphic rock (6) 
dumplings usually made with potato (7) 
one of a species of diminutive beings; troll (5) 
the pin of a sundial (6) 
pertaining to knowledge (7) 
wildebeest (3) 
Words that end with ‘gn’
to be in or come into precise adjustment (5) 
to call before a court to answer to an indictment (7) 
to appoint to a post or duty (6) 
of a gentle disposition (6) 
what a candidate undertakes to win an election (8) 
fitting & deserved, i.e. the punishment for a crime (7) 
to condescend to give or grant (5) 
a decorative pattern (6) 
lowest rank commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy (6) 
to imitate deceptively (5) 
situated outside a place or country (7) 
to challenge as false; cast doubt upon (6) 
to speak harmful untruths about (6) 
possessing supreme or ultimate power (9) 

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