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Can you name the adjective for each letter of the alphabet based on the things or people that it describes?

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things or people the adjective describesadjective1st letter
caffeine addicts, sentries, Red Bull drinkersa
black, dreamer, Americab
San Diego, ladies, 5-star hotelsc
thoughts, chasms, the blue sead
beavers, zeolots, bridese
Gillete, rabid dogs, beaten egg whitesf
horns, thumbs, eggs & hamg
Gilmore, hours, shiny peopleh
clown posse, asylums, pleasi
gossip, Couture, peachesj
edible underwear, afros, relationshipsk
rivers, acres, bonesl
Randy Savage, he-men, the Village Peoplem
things or people the adjective describesadjective1st letter
flights, dripping faucets, quartz timepiecesn
well trained dogs, submissive wives, childreno
pears, heat, hedgehogsp
silver, tempers, noonersq
palms, rights, riot actsr
Austin Power’s women, fly balls, 70’s carpets
small coffee at Starbucks, tales, Manute Bolt
rumors, the truth, ducklingsu
workouts, fast paced runs, brisk walksv
senses of humor, witch of the west, musicalsw
porn, red light district, many web sitesx
bellies, snow, pagesy
antics, clowns, the Marx Brothersz

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