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Can you name the suffix shared by each group of letters?

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letter groups sharing suffixsuffixsuffix meaning
infanti-, insecti-, geno-person or substance that kills
port-, navig-, irrit-capable of
aquat-, orgasm-, melod-like, pertaining to
strength-, weak-, length-cause to become
simpl-, test-, fort-to make
inter-, re-, con-to go, to give in
jud-, avar-, susp-full of
in-, con-, aque-to lead
neat-, quiet-, quick-like
voc-, odor-, splend-producing, bearing
ordin-, diction-, budget-like, connected with
adol- efferv-, incand-becoming, in process
terr-, scient-, horr-making, doing
spaci-, glori-, glamour-full of
imagin-, figur-, represent-like
time-, spine-, bottom-lacking
aster-, human-, meteor-resembling, like
democr-, normal-, advoc-state of being
flatul-, eloqu-, coher-full of
infant-, fert-, project-pertaining to, capable of
letter groups sharing suffixsuffixsuffix meaning
expan-, inclu-, admis-action or instance of
mountain-, profit-, convention-person who
fort-, serv-, cert-state of
critic-, hypnot-, civil-to make
bapt-, real-, dent-dealer, doer
stress-, resent-, remorse-full of
bestial-, capabil-, sexual-state of being
irrit-, equ-, humili-that which is
verd-, buoy-, cool-full of
teach-, paint-, garden-person who
bagg-, coin-, drain-collection of
dark-, prepared-, conscious-state or quality of being
psych-, hypn-, mit-condition
verb-, mor-, fibr-full of
friend-, citizen-, leader-state of being
advis-, conduct-, collect-person who
monothe-, social-, conservat-doctrine, belief
develop-, punish-, unemploy-action or instance of
consecr-, mitig-, authentic-to make
maniac-, politic-, logic-pertaining to

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