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QUIZ: Can you name the information about the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” in honor of its 50th anniversary?

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What is the...Answer
name of the author?
year of publication?
highest literary prize won?
year the prize was won?
number of copies sold (in millions)?
number of languages translated into?
state where the story takes place?
city where the story takes place?
decade in which the story takes place?
name of the narrator in the story?
What is the...Answer
name of the narrator’s brother?
name of the narrator’s father?
name of the family cook?
name of the the boy who visits each summer?
name of the the reclusive neighbor?
name of the man accused of rape?
name of the woman claiming she was raped?
year the movie of the book was released?
number of Oscars won by the movie?
name of the the Oscar winning actor?

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