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QUIZ: Can you name the words created by dropping a letter from the previous word & rearranging the remaining letters?

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to cease to exist 
the upper tapering part of something 
fully grown and developed 
baked food of a filling with a pastry crust 
copied through transparent paper 
to change in response to a stimulus 
a small, wheeled vehicle 
the process of doing 
a period of inactivity or decay 
cord made of several twisted threads 
small brightly colored salamander 
soaked with a liquid 
part of a flower 
the top of the head 
a hot or iced beverage  
1st half of an abbreviation which goes with the last answer under 'Sample' 
tooth used to grind food 
to travel purposefully unhindered through a wide area  
to damage or spoil 
Egyptian sun god 
a type of tree 
another type of tree 
one complete turn 
2nd half of an abbreviation which goes with the last answer under 'Staple' 

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