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ÅDUMMade of polypropylene to minimize shedding. The thick pile creates a soft surface for your feet and also reduces sound.
ALÄNGHeight adjustable; adjust according to need.
ÄLMHULTDue to color variations in the material combined with a transparent glaze, differences in shades may occur.
ÄTRANCan be wall-mounted with the opening to the right or left.
BERLEVÅGCan be used in high humidity areas.
BJÄRNUMCan be used for either hats rack or shoes; adapt to suit your needs.
BÖLSNÄSHandwoven; each is unique.
DÄNKAAdjustable for a comfortable working height. Made of a material that quickly removes steam by ventilation and prevents moisture formation.
EKÅSAdjustable fitting; can be used with big or small light bulbs.
FÖRHÖJAThe handles make it easy to carry from a drawer to a table and back.
FÖRVAROpens in the front, making the contents easy to reach. Transparent; makes it easy to find what you're looking for.
GÅNGBARComplete set with wall fixtures, rod and finials; ready to mount.
GURKÖRTColored throughout; extra scratch- and wear-resistant. Mouth blown; each has been shaped by a skilled craftsman.
GORMCan be built horizontally and vertically. Start with a basic unit and extend your combination as your needs change.
GRILLAThe spouts make it easy to pour out drippings. Thick base prevents food from easily burning and sticking to the pan.
GUBBSKÄRLatex backing keeps it firmly in place.
HÅLLÖPolyurethane foam with polyester wadding gives extra comfort and durability.
HÄLSACan be poured from without fully opening the lid; retains the heat/cold longer.
JÄMKAStackable; saves space in cabinets and the refrigerator. Several can be stacked inside one another.
LÄKTClick-lock function.
LÖDDERLockable telescopic handle. Easy to adjust for a comfortable working height.
MARENEasy to remove and clean. Fits most toilets, thanks to its adjustable fittings.
POÄNGThe resilience of a layer glued, bentwood frame of birch provides excellent comfort for relaxation.
SKÄNKAThick walls evenly distribute the heat so that the food is heated up from several directions.
SKOGSSTJÄRNAMouth blown; each piece is unique.
STORNÄSSolid pine; a natural material that ages beautifully. Seats 4.
SYContains basic accessories: a pair of scissors, threads, pins, needles, a seam ripper and a measuring tape.
TRAMPAEasy to keep clean. Shake outdoors or vacuum. Latex backing keeps it mat firmly in place.
TYGLÖSAMake a unique picture by fastening your favorite fabric.
ULLAKAJSAWall hardware for the blind cord; for increased child safety.
VITSKÄRGrooved base helps keep the soap dry. Dishwasher safe.
ZITA RANDYarn-dyed cotton; the colors are retained wash after wash. Adjustable neck-band to fit most everyone.

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