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QUIZ: Can you name the words created by making the indicated changes to the previous word & unscrambling the new letters?

Quiz Updated Aug 13, 2012

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Letter change7-letter wordClue
Unscramble FAFRIEGAfrican mammal
Change F to Leasily broken or destroyed
Change F to Clarge body of slowly moving ice
Change G to Mextremely outstanding or unusual event
Change C to Ninorganic substance
Change M to Pconfection of nuts and sugar
Change N to Dto understand words by mouth movements
Change I to Osecond African mammal
Change R to Tfrog or toad larva
Change D to Sardent supporter or follower
Change O to Itraining method using low-impact exercises
Change I to Rdevice for fastening papers together
Change S to Mto tread heavily so as to crush or injure
Change L to Epainting technique using water & egg yolks
Change P to Kthird African mammal
Change K to Cto reduce to ashes by burning

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