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Can you name the words that start with ‘back’ and the words that end with ‘back’?

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Words that start with ‘back’
steady pronounced rhythm 
person who says spiteful things about another not present 
rounded or rectangular area behind the basket used to make bank shots 
extremely arduous, exhausting, or demoralizing 
rude or impertinent remarks made in reply to someone in authority 
defensive players on a basketball team 
to make retroactive 
pass to a player behind the defense & toward the basket 
painted cloth hung across the rear of a stage 
football players whose positions are behind the line of scrimmage 
board game in which pieces move around 24 triangular points 
the scenery behind something 
excavating machine with a bucket that is drawn toward the machine 
strong adverse reaction to a recent development 
illumination from behind 
accumulation of tasks unperformed or materials not processed 
to retreat or move in reverse 
the kind of driver who tells another driver how to drive 
reverse rotary motion of a ball 
vertical surface on the wall behind a stove or countertop 
to maliciously criticize someone while feigning friendship 
the kind of passes you'd love to get with concert tickets 
screen or fence for keeping a ball from leaving the field of play 
to reverse one's previous action or opinion 
to make extra copies of data in case the original is lost or damaged 
in a reverse or contrary direction or way 
the filmy, cloudy residue at the bottom of a drink 
remote or sparsely inhabited region 
grassy area at the rear of a house 
Words that end with ‘back’
by surpise, unawares 
to ride a horse without a saddle 
unforeseen and unwanted effect, result, or set of repercussions 
pitch intentionally thrown near the batter's head or body in baseball 
the repurchase of a corporation’s own stock shares  
second or additional audition for a theatrical part 
return to fashion of an item, activity, or style 
blind-side block on a defensive back in football 
reduction in funding 
large & deadly rattlesnake native to the southwest United States 
feature that renders something less acceptable 
evaluation about an action, event, or process  
past incident recurring vividly in the mind 
dollar bill, informally 
large black and white baleen whale 
Victor Hugo’s Quasimodo 
illicit payment made to someone who has facilitated a transaction 
large sea turtle distinguished by its flexible carapace 
isolated rural country of Australia 
book with a flexible binding 
the period of time elapsed before an investment is recouped 
a ride on someone's back and shoulders 
thin-bodied long-legged feral hog 
return made in football after a kick-off or interception 
the distance that a building is located from the property line 
older & usually dominant adult male gorilla 
zigzag road, trail, or railroad tracks for climbing a steep hill 
person or thing having the characteristics of a former time 
a ball downed behind the goal line after a kick or interception 
derogatory term for a Mexican who enters the United States illegally 
sweetened bread that is baked, sliced & toasted until dry and crisp 

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