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Can you name the 2-word expressions that begin with the 2nd word of the previous expression?

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Clue2-word expression
The first play of a football game
Military housing location, usually for officers
The starting point before a mountain climb
The place for tents, RV’s and fire pits
World Trade Center site
Required for weightlessness
A multi-position, highly ergonomic recliner
Bust a move while seated
Genre of Jamaican popular music
Needed in school to go to your locker
Game show originally hosted by Allen Ludden
“Your statement is true, my brother.”
The girl in a 1983 song by Billy Joel
A form of direct democratic rule
Ones, tens, hundreds, etc.
The name of a discount furniture chain
Artistic representation of a town
The one to blame
It’s really a restaurant, not a factory
Clue2-word expression
Round, bundt or 9 by 13
Northeast Florida, or to ask strangers for money
Mustache curved upward at each end
She’s an often trashy fixture at a pub or tavern
Performed by military jets before some ball games
Unbroken cloud layer at 5000 ft. above ground level
Movie co-starring Wilson the volleyball
They bat in the top of the inning
'Together Everyone Achieves More'
Santa’s is staffed by elves
aka Industrial Arts
Where teaching and learning activities take place
In elementary school, she’s the party planner
Imaginary author of nursery rhymes
Brewery of craft beers in Chicago
1976 song by Elton John
Mashups specialist
English 80’s band
A lot of yakking and little or no music
“Europe” hit song by R.E.M.
The first play after a safety in football

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