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Can you name the words that contain 2 ‘u’s and no other vowels?

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Clue2 'u'ed wordThe missing consonants
name of The Ohio State Buckeyes mascot_ _u_u_
Scrooge’s retort_u_ _u_
what you get for forgetting the SPF 30_u_ _u_
phlegm & saliva mix_ _u_u_
describes many a herou_ _u_ _
'helper' bra or army exercise_u_ _u_
one who is regarded as having great knowledge_u_u
let the sails looseu_ _u_ _
outlying part of a city or town_u_u_ _
Chaka Khan was the lead singer of this funk band_u_u_
this between the toes gives you athlete’s foot_u_ _u_
safe and soundu_ _u_ _
Clue2 'u'ed wordThe missing consonants
chronic inflammatory disease_u_u_
what gives well water its bad taste_u_ _u_
unusual sound that comes straight from the heart_u_ _u_
big kid diaper or upper body exercise_u_ _u_
row, disturbance_u_ _u_
web extension to save imbedded video and audiou_ _u_ _
to seize and hold by forceu_u_ _
amount that holds 8 ounces_u_ _u_
angry dispute_u_ _u_
Australian term for sheep_u_ _u_ _
hairdo a recruit can expect_u_ _ _u_
lacking in fairnessu_ _u_ _

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