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The pet dog of Dennis the Menace
The son of Gnasher
Likes turnips and swill
The pet spider of Dennis
Walters softy poodle
Minnie's lazy cat
Roger the dodgers crafty cat
Rogers flying freind
bananamans sidekick
Head of the bash street pups
The only female bash street pup
The fattest dog in the bash street pups
The ugliest dog in the bash street pups
The spottiest dog in the bash street pups
The dumbest dog in the bash street pups
The short sighted pup
The pup with the strongest hair
The humanoid bear
Likes plummeting of great heights
Fastest rodent on earth
The wild west horse
Farther bear
Mother bear
Teddy bear
Bunkerton goofy stag
Bunkerton castles bird
Hates cats
Hates dogs
Number 13's guard cat
Boris's pet bat
The leader of the Beanotown sewer rats
A sneaky con artist
Their gullible sidekick
The bossy feminist of the group
A Jamaican rat
The reliable janitors cat
The first cover star
The long suffering nanny
The angry barnyard animal
The happy barnyard animal
Happy Bunny Greens best dog in show
The chief leader of the nibblers
Strong but very daft
Loves food and err food
The cleverest nibbler
Half Scottish and half Italian
A nose for food
Never seen apart
Porky's useless guard cat
The sneakiest pirate in the caribeano
The only dinosaur in Britain
The tough but stubborn dog
Smudges mud covered pet
The homeless, scruffy and unwashed wolf
Australian superhero
a bird that lives in London

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