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A band of neurons located at the back of the frontal lobe. They control the movements of the body’s voluntary muscles by sending commands to the somatic division of the periphera
The name of the two portions the cortex is divided into.
Rounded areas on the end of axon terminals
Inhibitory neural regulators involved in pain relief
A branch of life science that deals with the structures and fuctions of neurons, nerves etc focusing on their realationship to behavior and learning
Process by which neurotransmitters are taken back into synaptic vesicles
Neurotransmitters that directly control the release of other neurotransmitters
Nerves coming from the sensory organs to the CNS consisting of afferent neurons
Area of neurons running down the front of the parietal lobe responsible for processing information from the skin and internal body receptors for touch temperature, body position an
A long bundle of neurons that carries messages between th ebody and the brain
Controls the right hand plus logical and mathematical processes
Condition resulting from damage to the association areas of the right hemisphere
Part of th elower brain that controls involuntary, rapid, and fine motor movement
Chemical substances that block or reduce a cell's response to the action of other chemicals or neurotransmitters
Refers to the fact that neurons either fire completely or not fire at all
Connection of the afferent, inter, and efferent neurons
Influences our motivation, emotional control, fear response and interpretations of nonverbal emotional expressions
A neuron that carries message from the CNS to the muscles of the body
Brain imaging method where radioactive sugar is injected into the brain and a computer compiles a color coded image of the activity
Controls the left hand plus artistic and emotional processing
Section of the brain located at the top rear portion that is in charge of touch taste and temperature sensations
Condition resulting from damage in ___'s area causing an inability in understanding or producing meaningful language
Branchlike structure that receives messages from other neurons
Part of the ANS tat restors the body to normal function after arousal and is responsible for day-to-day functioning organs and glands
Major excitatory involved in learning, memory formation, and nervous system development
Chemical found within the synaptic vesicles that when released has an effect on the next cell
Fatty cells that provide support for neurons to grow and develop on-- they produce myelin and during prenatal development influence the generaion of new neurons
The upper part of the brain consisting of 2 hemispheres and the stuctures that connect them
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Sickness that occurs when too little dopamine is being released in an area of the brain
Areas of the cortex in the top and front of the brain involved in higher mental processes
Areas within each lobe involved in coordination, higher mental processes
The state of the neuron when not firing a neural impulse
The ability of the brain to constantly change structures and fuctions of many cells in response to trauma
The thick tough band of neural fibers that connect the two hemispheres
Area of neurons running down through the middle of the medulla and pons resonsible for selective attention
Synapse at which a neurotransmitter causes the receiving cell to stop firing
Division the the PNS consisting of nerves tht carry information from the senses to the CNS then to the voluntary muscles
Increase in wrinkling of cortex as the size of the brain increases - real measure of a human’s intelligence.
The cell body of the neuron responsible for maintaining the life of the cell
Synapse at which a neurotransmitter causes the receiving cell to fire
Swelling above the medulla that connects the top of the brain to the bottom. Involved in sleep dreaming, left-right bodycoordination and arousal
Brain imaging method that uses radio waves and magnetic fields of the body to produce a detailed image of the brain
Part of the brain that plays a role in learning memory ability to compare sensory information to expectations (found in temporal lobes of each side of the brain)
Division of the PNS consisting of nerves that control the involuntary muscles or glands within the body
The two types of gliali cells that produce myelin
Outer wrinkled covering of the brain
Neuron found in the center of the spinal cord that receives messages form the afferent neurons and sends the out to the muscles of the body through the efferent neurons
Part of the nervous system containing the brain and spinal cord
Areas of the cortex located behind the temples containing the neurons responsible for hearing and meaningful speech (sometimes even taste, but not as active as the parietal lobe)
Yenee sucks (Type true or false)
These fatty cells coat the axons of the neurons for insulation, protection, and speed in neural impulse
A neuron that carries information from the senses to the CNS
An extensive network of specialized cels that carries information to and from all parts of the body
Excitatory or inhibitory involved in movement and feelings of pleasure
Part of the forebrain that regulates the amount of fear, thirst and sexual drive and aggression we feel
Hole on the surface of the dendrites or certain cells of the muscles which are shaped to fit only certain neurotransmitters
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Part of the forebrain that relays information from the sensory organs to the cortex
Excitatory involved in arousal or mood
In ___, the results of multiple presentations of a stimulus are compared in an EEG
The basic cell that makes up the nervous system, sends and receives messages within that system
Branches at the end of the axon
Section of the brain located at the back containing the visual centers (association of sensory images) of the brain
Saclike structure found within the synaptic knob containing chemicals
Found in the inner margine of the upper brain
Condition resulting from damage in ___'s area causing the person to be unable to speak fluently-- speak haltingly or mispronounce
Tubelike structure that carries messages to the other cells
Mental disorder that results from too much dopamine being released
Machine designed to record the brain wave patterns produced by electrical activity of the surface of the brain
Chemical substances that mimic or enhance the effects of a neurotransmitter on the receptor sites of the next cell, increasing or decreasing the activity of that cell
Nerves coming from the CNS to the voluntary muscles consisteing of efferent neurons
Major inhibitory neurotransmitter involved in sleep and inhibits movement
Bundles of axons coated in myelin that travel together through the body
Microscopic fluid-filled gap between the synaptic knob of one cell and the dendrites or surface of the next cell
Special cells found within tissues of the body and are capable of manufacturing new cells in cases of wear and tear of old cells
Brain imaging method that uses computer controlled xray on the brain
The drug used to treat someone with too little serotonin in their brain by blocking the reuptake of serotonin
In EEG, ___ allows a more detailed and precise interpretation of the signals coming from the different areas of the brain's surface
An excitatory or inhibitory involved in memory and muscle contraction control
Part of the ANS that is responsible for reacting to stressful events and bodily arousal
The release of the neural impulse consisting of reversal of electrical charge within the axon.
All the nerves and neurons not connected to the brain or spinal cord but run through the body itself
Insertion of a thin wire in the brain through which an electrical current is sent to kill the brain cells at the tip of the wire
Excitatory or inhibitory involved in mood sleep and appetite
The first large swelling of the brain found at the top of the spinal cord resposible for life-sustaining functions like breathing, swallowing and heart rate

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