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Record of the 2012 Texas Longhorns?Wins & Losses
Leading passer for the 2012 Longhorns?2,699 passing yards
Leading rusher for the 2012 Longhorns?701 rushing yards
Leading reciever for the 2012 Longhorns?939 recieving yards
Rushing TD's by Jonathan Gray?Take a guess
Rushing TD's by Joe Bergeron?Take another guess
How many yards was the longest offensive TD of the year?Run by Daje Johnson
How many WR's had multiple TD catches for the year?Take a guess
The Texas Longhorns scored 30 or more points how many times this year?More than you think
The Texas Longhorns defense allowed how many yards per game?Not good
Texas played only 1 game on grass all year, who was the opponent?Should be easy
Only one game did the Texas defense allow less than 4 yards per play, who was the opponent?3.83 YPP
Only one game did the Texas offense gain more than 8 yards per play, who was the opponent?8.67 YPP
How many tackles for a loss did Alex Okafor record?TFL Yards - 98
How many games did Texas record 10 or more TFL?Take a guess
QuestionAnswerSome more hints
Despite playing in only 6 games, Jackson Jeffcoat was second on the team in sacks, how many did he have?2nd place on the team
How many sacks did Alex Okafor record on the year?1st place on the team
How many Texas players recorded sacks on the year?Take a guess
Texas recorded 30+ first downs in one game this year, who was the opponent?31 First Downs
What was the turnover margain for Texas in the 2012 season?It's a +
Texas only allowed less than 100 yards rushing once this year, who was the opponent?It was early
Texas had 17 rushing plays over 20+ yards, how many 20+ yard rushing plays did they allow?Not good
Texas had 29 passing plays over 20+ yards, how many 20+ yard passing plays did they allow?Better
Nick Rose had 82 total kickoffs on the year, how many were touchbacks?Take a guess
Who led Texas in INT's for the year?Had 4 total
Who led Texas in Total Tackles this year?96 TT
Who was 2nd in Total Tackles for Texas this year?89 TT
What Freshman had the most Total Tackles on the year?15th on the team, 27 TT
In only one game all year did Texas as a team record over 100 tackles in a game, who was the opponent?101 Tackles for the game
Who led the team in QB hurries?11 QB hurries

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