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QUIZ: Can you name the trivia about CA?

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What does Justin yell when he hears a sneeze?
Who is allergic to nuts in grade 10?
Who was the bearded dragon that died?
What is Ewan obsessed with?
Who is the best at video games?
What does the H in Reach mean?
What is Mr. Honywoods tape dispenser?
What is Erics last name?
Who played Mary Poppins in the play?
Whos name is the same as a chocolate brand?
Who is the great and powerful one who takes Ogre?
What can Jacob do with his arm?
Who breaths really loud?
What team is on Mr. Ross's mug?
Who did Science 10 over summer?
What Jake's middle name?
What is Ewans hobby?
Who was raised on a windmill?
What is Jacob's Sporcle account name?
What colour is the CA flag?

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