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In what town does the game begin?
Who is the main antagonist of the main story game?
Who is the Nord you can escape Helgen with?
Who is the Imperial you can escape Helgen with?
What town are you led to by your friend after Helgen?
What is the name of the inn in Riverwood?
Which army is fighting for the liberation of Skyrim?
Which army is fighting to bring peace and order to Skyrim?
Who is the Jarl of Whiterun before the attack on the city?
What is one of the families in Whiterun involved in a feud?
What is the guild of fighters in Whiterun known as?
What ruin does Farengar send you to to retrieve the dragonstone?
What is the DLC in which you kill vampires?
What is the DLC in which you build houses?
What is the name of the house you can purchase in Riften?
What is the secret guild of assassins in Skyrim known as?
What is the name of the island off the coast of Skyrim that was given to Morrowind?
What is the strange object found in Saarthal called by the College of Winterhold?
What is the tool found at the top of the Throat of the World called?
What was the played out meme that originated from Skyrim?
What is the sea north of Skyrim known as?
What was the natural disaster that destroyed most of Winterhold called?
What is the capital of Skyrim?
What was the name of the dragon imprisoned in Dragonsreach by Olaf One-Eye?
Where do you defeat the evil dragon king?

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