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Can you name the trivia about the Just Cause series?

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What is Rico's last name?
Who was Rico's mentor and his longtime friend?
Where was the first game set?
Who was the evil dictator in the first game?
When was the first game released?
Where is the second game set?
Who is Rico's supporting informer and longtime agency operative?
What is the biggest plane in Just Cause 2?
What is the name of Pandak Panay's atomic submarine?
How does the evil dictator die in the first game?
How does the evil dictator die in the second game?
What is the island in the Northwest corner of the island in JC2 a parody of?
Which faction in JC2 is led by Bolo Santosi?
Who is the Swedish operative on the island in JC2?
Where is Just Cause 3 set?
Where is Medici?
Who is the evil dictator in the third game?
In JC3, what can rico do with grapple tethers?
When is/was Just Cause 3 released?
Where was Rico born?

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