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Can you name the word or phrases containing the word 'Dog'?

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HintWord or Phrase
Cruella de Vil's hobby
Aerial skirmish
A plea to avoid confrontation
Rapper who popularized the suffix -izzle, known for his 'Gin and Juice'
Led Zeppelin song from their fourth album
2000 single by Baha Men
70's band known for the songs 'One' and 'Joy to the World'
August, in a phrase
Under the weather, e.g.
The mantra of competition
1982, 1994, or 2006 for the most part
A principle or set of principles seen as necessarily true, or a 1999 Ben Affleck film
Quentin Tarantino's 1992 debut
HintWord or Phrase
A downpour metaphor, colloquially
A cross between a panther and a tiger, ironically
A football play may end in this
Title, and subject, of C. M. Coolidge's paintings advertising cigars
Paul McCartney would be asking 'When I'm 448' if he measured time in these
Cesar Millan's show on National Geographic
An exclamation of joy, or a ballpark treat
Shakespearean phrase referring to the mechanisms that prevent conflict
1989 animated film by Don Bluth
Plants of the genus Cornus, familiarly
Utterance of annoyance
Military identification tag

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