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What is the game called in Japan?
The inspiration for Resident Evil came from an earlier Capcom game called 'Sweet Home'. There is a note in that game. What does it read?
During the opening sequence for RE1, who was killed by a pack of Cerberus?
What type of hat does Jill wear in RE1?
What's the name of the song that Jill/Rebecca plays on the piano in RE1?
What is the name of the giant spider boss in RE1?
What is the code ID for the Hunter?
What is the name of Lisa Trevor's mother?
In the REmake, zombies came back if you didn't decapitate them or...?
What is the name of the giant shark in the residence?
What was the name of the female character who was in the prototype version of Resident Evil 2, but didn't make the final game?
Who can a photo be found of if you search Wesker's desk numerous times in RE2?
In Leon scenario A, who is the 3rd person that Leon finds alive?
When Kendo gets eaten in his gunshop, what does his drop in Leon's scenario A?
Who is the voice actor for Claire?
Which character's zombie form can you fight in Scenario A in RE2 to get a closet key?
During Leon's scenario A, there is a short section where you play as Ada. Who do you play as on Claire's scenario A?
In Resident Evil 2, who says 'That maniac is going to ram us'?
What is the code to the safe in the police station in RE2?
What was the name of Ada's 'boyfriend' she was looking for?
What is the name of the book adaptation of Resident Evil 2?
In Resident Evil 3, one of Jill's alternative costumes is an outift from another game. What is that game?
What is Nicholai's last name?
What is the name of the man who captured Claire at the start of Code Veronica?
What is Claire's identification number at the prison on Rockfort Island?
What console was Resident Evil 0 originally planned for?
What is the name of the train in Resident Evil 0?
Who is the main antagonist in Resident Evil 0?
How many leeches can you collect in 'Leech Hunter' in RE0?
In Resident Evil 4, what weapon can activate a Garridors sense of vision?
How many rocket launchers are on there on the Ship Deck in Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries modes?
What town in Africa do Chris and Sheva intially investigate?
Name one of Wesker's physical attacks in RE5.
In Resident Evil 5, El Gigante makes another appearance, but under a new name. What is it?
What is Excella's last name?
What does BSAA stand for?
What does the S stand for in Leon S. Kennedy?
In the game Dead Rising, there is a Jill reference used as the name of the restaurant. What was it called?
What is Krauser's first name?
in RE5 Mercs, what is the sub boss on the Ship Deck?

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